The in-room hotel gym gains muscle.

There is growing demand among traveling consumers for increased privacy and more healthy options. As such, the concept of the in-room hotel gym continues to gain traction.

Girl working out in hotel room Some have taken a more simple approach. If you want to work out in the privacy of your own room at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, they have introduced an in-room exercise program they call the Gym-in-a-Bag. The Gym-in-a-Bag contains an exercise program book, exercise mat, stretch band, massage stick, and an exercise foam roll. The bags can be requested at the front desk and are available for use complimentary to all guests.

Others have taken it a step further. At Omni Hotels & Resorts for example, you can turn your guest room into a private fitness center just by asking for the Get Fit Kit. Upon request, guest services will supply you with a handy canvas bag, a floor mat, two dumbbells and an elastic exercise band—you’ll also receive a refreshing bottle of chilled water and a hand towel. It’s touted as the perfect stress reliever between meetings. Some Omni hotels go even further and offer a motorized portable treadmill, healthy snacks in the refreshment center, along with the Get Fit Kit.

Meanwhile, there are whole brands being built around the concept such as InterContinental Hotel Group’s new wellness hotel brand called Even Hotels. While they boast hypoallergenic linens and plenty of space to workout as standard fare in their new healthy rooms, Even Hotels is going all the way—including a coat rack that doubles as a pull up bar, a luggage rack that is also a workout bench, yoga mats for stretching, and an in-room circuit training guide to tell you how to best use all of it for a quick workout without having to leave your room. There are even foam rollers for a back roll after your workout.

This is the very essence of hospitality marketing—Identifying consumer trends, and crafting programs that meet or exceed guest expectations while providing a tangible opportunity to differentiate the organization, hotel or resort from the competition.

What consumer trends have you and your organization identified, and what programs have you introduced to take full advantage of the opportunity? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Eric Minoli says:

    This is an excellent idea. As a frequent traveler and fitness freak wannabe…I’d love to see my favorite hotel rooms offer something as simple as the “Perfect Push-Up” apparatus or something equivalent. Thank you, JF, for your cont’d innovation in the place I call home, hotels.

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